Children, Mattress and Sleep

Sleep is important for children since it directly affects their development and health. It takes around 10-12 hours of sleep per night, depending on your child’s age. That is why it is essential to have a pleasant and supportive evening sleep with your child’s mattress.

The mattress of your child should:

  • Promote healthy posture
  • Enhance their changing size
  • Provide clean and healthy sleep for the night

From kid mattress kinds to accident protection for your child, this guide offers all of the facts you need to select the right mattress for your kid. Read on to learn more.

When should my infant transfer to the mattress of a child?

It is an essential period of their development to move your infant from a bed mattress to a child’s mattress. Finally, your kid will find a cot mattress too tiny. We suggest that you move your young kid to a mattress between Eighteen and Thirty-six months of age.

It is a guideline, though. Keep track of your kid’s size, security, and ease in your cot and determine when it’s time to move to a baby’s crib.

Is my kid allowed to use a 2nd hand mattress?

Regrettably, children frequently sleep on outdated mattresses and beds. If you are not willing to use a second-hand mattress- no one else will accept it, too, due to the following reasons. 

Decreased support

An old bed will lack the capacity to provide the comfort and support it once provided over several years, indicating that your child’s sleep is unpleasant.

Bad hygiene

We shed around half of the bodily fluids per year, and we sleep a pound of skin. Dead skin, dust, and humidity accumulate and increase bacterial development, mold, and dust mites. This produces your child’s unfavorable sleep environment.

How much will I spend on a new mattress for my child?

As with other mattresses, better quality fillings are likely to be provided in more costly kid mattresses. If you spend more on your kid’s mattress, you will not have to replace your mattress as frequently. This may save you money over the long term.

How can I safeguard my child’s bedding from accidents?

As it is a child mattress, bedwetting and spillages may be a frequent occurrence. Accidents may be very difficult to clean, which is why it’s critical to safeguard your child’s mattress. Invest in a water-resistant mattress cover to safeguard your mattress from harm.

Mattress protectors include an elasticized skirt that conforms snugly to the top edge of your mattress. Mattress covers are also machine washable, allowing you to maintain the appearance and feel of your child’s mattress clean.

We hope this guide has given you all the information you need to choose the perfect mattress for your child.

It is a widely held belief that waterproof mattress covers are loud and unpleasant to sleep in. This is not true! Mattress covers often include soft cotton covering that eliminates crinkling sounds produced by your child’s activity.