The Best Cooling Mattress for Heavier People


Searching for the ideal mattress may be difficult if you carry more than 230 pounds. You don’t need to dip too deeply when you lay down, but you do want sufficient padding to offer shape and stress alleviation while you sleep. Finding the ideal balance of strength and suppleness may be challenging — but fear not. We’ve rounded up seven of the finest mattresses for heavier people on the market today, and we’re certain that there’s something for everyone. Additionally, if you’re seeking to improve your whole bedtime routine, we offer recommendations for best mattress 2021, linens, and other sleep necessities.

Size and Shape of Mattress

Individuals weighing less than 200 pounds may usually get away with a smaller mattress, but once this capacity limit is exceeded, a thicker pillow is required for complete comfort. We suggest limiting your inquiry to at least 12 inch wide choices, if not more. Due to the increased strain on the mattress caused by big or overweight sleepers, conventional mattress depths will not give you the assistance you need.

Constructing and Endurance

Did you notice a connection between the mass of the sleeper and the lifetime of the pillow? On average, heavier mattresses have a shorter lifespan.

This is because heavier weights force the mattress to droop and deteriorate more quickly, irrespective of the manufacturer, cost, or quality. As a result, plus-size mattress buyers should put a premium on build strength and reliability. When studying the composition of a cushion, seek polyurethane and other high-density substances.

Characteristics of Cooling

Because our body bone and muscle type affect our thermostat, heavier individuals generally sleep hotter. Numerous plus-size sleepers want temperature control in conjunction with having sufficient. If this is the case, ensure that your mattress is capable of keeping you cool.

In an ideal world, the core body temperature should decrease as you reach further phases of sleep. To assist this biological mechanism, components that promote airflow comprise open-cell latex foam, gels, and refrigerating layers, all of which are described in more depth in our list of the best ventilation cushions.

Heavy sleepers need more support, which the mattress’s edges provide. This is because bulkier sleepers require more space, particularly when two tall or obese people share a bed. You’ll need to be capable of spreading out comfortably without thinking as if you’re about to go over the edge. Look for characteristics such as reinforced foam Washington accord or comparable specialized features.

Weight Restriction

Ensure that you verify the mattress’s maximum weight capacity. This limit varies between 250 and 1000 pounds, even in pillows intended for heavier sleepers. Cushions that bear more weight than their social support are intended to sustain will degrade more quickly. This will ultimately expense you both cash and aggravation.

The Firmness of the Mattress

While a soft bed may feel wonderful in a sense, bigger sleepers may experience too much seepage into the pillow with conventional plush mattresses. If you want firmer mattresses with a pillow top for added comfort, we suggest a harder mattress. Bear in mind that as you gain weight, you may notice more settling. Thus a firmer mattress will eventually seem softer to a plus-sized sleeper.

To determine the hardness of a mattress, we use a scale of 1 to 10, with one being very gentle and ten being extremely firm. Something more than a seven is deemed strong, which is also the range in which you should be aiming for firmness.